Friday, December 21, 2012

Rapping Robbers Rap About Robbing

Here, DCist covers the bizarre scenario in which a couple of aspiring rappers record a song about a criminal in a music studio, only to then rob it afterwards.

Now that's both meta, and tacky.

Headline: Would-Be Rappers Rob Studio After Recording Song About Famous Criminal


"Well, at least you can't blame them for being real, right? NBC 4 reports that two would-be rappers robbed a Laurel studio after they finished recording a song about Larry Hoover, a famous Chicago gang leader:

About 1 a.m. Thursday, two men dropped by Copy Catz to lay down “Larry Hoover” - dedicated to famous Chicago gangster King Larry.When the rap was wrapped, the rappers left the studio and walked out of the building while everybody else got ready to leave, but the rappers quickly returned - with guns. They ordered everyone to sit on the sofa and started demanding valuables.


If you have the time, please do watch the report filed by Pat Collins. It's, well, classic Collins, and even includes a snippet of the song. It's not very good. In fact, you could say its criminally bad."
Laurel police are looking for a pair of rappers who allegedly robbed a recording studio after a session." -DCist.