Tuesday, July 12, 2011

REISSUE: Every office needs a tiny office

In honor of Lisbeth's departure from my office - but not from my life - I thought I would reissue one of my favorite blog posts of all time.  Au revoir, Lisbeth and Lisbeth's tiny office within our office!

Dear world, meet my coworker Lisbeth. Lisbeth runs a blog about tiny things, so for her birthday, her boss got her a very comprehensive office suite playmobile set. A secret admirer got her a tiny piano for her tiny office, but that's another story altogether.

We set up a meta photo shoot so that it could be seen by all as not just a small toy, but also an office within an office. We think we got some good shots - enjoy!

The side-by-side; notice the leg anglementation and the white notebook in the right hand:


  1. no office is complete without an empty can of diet coke

  2. I like the non-bending knees! Nice touch Lisbeth.