Monday, April 18, 2011


Thank you "anonymous contributor" for this guest post.

(To all who follow Susan's twitter @suzliz: I was the one who left that voicemail. If you've got a problem with that, the door's in the back.)

And this one comes from a friend of a friend:

A "HIATUS" is when the cigarette is being passed around a circle of people; it comes to you, and instead of hitting and passing, you "Hit It And Tell A (think of it phonetically - "Uh") Story". (The story could be about anything. The point is that you're telling it, and the cigarette is wasting away between your fingers. You're doing a HIATUS, taking a HIATUS, whatever.)

The meta here is when a cigarette is traveling around; the cigarette comes to you, and you take the time to explain what a HIATUS is... thus doing a HIATUS right then and there.
Editor's note: I'm pretty sure this is the PG version of this post, but I'll leave that to your speculation.

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