Monday, May 9, 2011

Decisions to be Made

All, I'm slowing down on blogging this week, not sure why.  Maybe I got a bit of a life?  Anyways.

What would you think about me switching this over to a blog about 'decisions to be made' - there are so many!  And don't you always wonder WHO makes such decisions?  I might not get all the answers but I'm sure I could dig up some - or if not, ask the question.

-who in an office building decides at what temperature the rooms should be set, or is there some law or building manager code all in the building must follow?

-when you are on the bus and you see "irving and mount pleasant" stop illuminate above the driver in the bus abbreviated "irvng and mt p" - is there one person whose job it is to pour through all stop  names in an entire bus system and decide which vowels to drop?

-traffic lights; is it semi random how long each one is green for, especially at those intersections where you feel like you are waiting forever for your light even though no one is coming for miles in either direction, so you just hope it's for some greater better reason, well thought out and alleviating traffic down the road for miles to come?  Maybe it is super well reasoned, based on tons of data and studies, and by who?

Readers if you can answer any of my questions, please do in the comments.... and, thoughts on the topic?


  1. I love your blog as it is. That said, one can have multiple blogs. That is the beauty of the internet. I might blog about your blogging.

  2. thank you for your undying support. please do!