Thursday, June 2, 2011

My first fan mail, Danes, and Fedex!

I thought I'd post it (some excerpts).  From an old friend named Zack.
Hey, Susan!

I hope all's very well with you. It's been years now, hasn't it.

I'm gonna have to tell you straight-up, I read your blog a couple weeks ago and I haven't stopped thinking of 'meta' since......

That same afternoon after I read this, I was at my Swedish meetup group (as one would), talking to this guy, who mentioned that he knew one word in Danish. "Dansk," which is "Danish" -- IN DANISH! I told him how meta this was, but he didn't seem to understand just how incredible this was. Which is only funnier because I told him that it's a fact, actually, that every other Danish girl must be named Mette (pronounced exactly as I'm implying).

Also, I heard my co-worker the other day telling someone on the phone that she was going to FedEx them a FedEx envelope, IN A FEDEX ENVELOPE. I got really excited about this, but I kept it to myself because I just didn't think anybody would understand.

By the way, on the meta front, I discovered this the other day when I was researching textile patterns. I think it's the closest thing to visual meta I can imagine.

And the 'in-joke' it discusses. It just kills me.


Thank you Zack!

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