Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Blunder

You may be thinking that no good blog starts off with a guest post about why such a blog should not exist (indirectly at least - see below).

I one hundred percent agree, which is why I've decided to follow it up with a running brainstorm list about things that are meta in my own life, as a constant reminder that we can bring Aristotle down to earth, yo. Or not really that.

It's just that I wanted my own niche blog topic to blog about, much like those who blog about tiny things, or hipster athletes, or cool graphs, or 'Turning 30 Finally,' for instance. Note, I do NOT approve of niche blogs such as Asians sleeping in the library. As you see, I've been on the hunt for awhile now for a good personal fit niche blog topic.

See? That paragraph exhibited some successful blogging about blogs - how meta.

Anyways, back to the point, why is meta relevant and NOT a blunder blog, you may ask?

So here we have it.
  • My job: I consume energy to use a computer to write about energy consumption [possibly this could just be hypocritical, but is hypocritical mutually exclusive with meta? TBA.]
  • Right now: I'm sitting here, just trying to think of meta things about my life.
  • My Myers-Briggs books on career paths: my personality type tends to read lots of books about career paths by personality type, it says, which is definitely true judging by bookshelf
  • Washington DC: the most meta place in the world? (TBD.) Federal policy is SO meta. We're a country made up of states, and federal policy is there to help out the states, but it just isn't quite really about the states even though it sorta is. Really, it's either about federal policy arching over the states, or about the grasstops efforts needed to make state policy happen. Did that make any sense to you at all?
  • My friends: Becca's love of metafiction, whatever the eff that is (TBD.)
It'll continue to grow.

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  1. love the shout out. and I do love metafiction. Though I'm sad that you missed the hipster athlete niche because that is the second best blog I have ever seen (this one being the first, of course).