Monday, April 11, 2011

Waterfalls are NOT Meta

I did not have a very meta weekend. Becca and I journeyed to Southern Virginia to hike waterfalls, go in historic hot springs (located in Hot Springs, VA - I guess that's something), etc.

The weekend was a reminder to me that, not surprisingly, not all things in life are meta.

For example, here are some things that are definitely NOT meta:

*expensive drinks
*scenic drives
*warm sulfur springs (debatable)

They are what they are, which is what we perceive them as.

There is also a whole school of philosophy on that (direct realism).

I don't know how anyone majors in philosophy.

In fact, there was only one meta incident all weekend, when we drove through Front Royal, a somewhat depressing "bedroom community" - also known as a dormitory town - where basically everyone commutes to somewhere else to work and they just sleep there at night.

These 'outer suburbs' are by definition "suburbs of suburbs," thereby encompassing probably the most depressing form of meta known to mankind.

Ugh. This is the end of civilization.

On a lighter note, I did manage to snap some some meta photographs, pictures of taking a picture.


  1. "your blog is ridiculous" . thx?

  2. why are you such a creeper? When did you take these pictures?