Thursday, April 21, 2011

a nyt story about nyt

Take it or leave it

Profit Down At Times Co., But Web Plan Shows Upside

The New York Times Company reported a sharp drop in net income in the first quarter as the print advertising market remained stubbornly depressed for newspapers.

The company said net income fell 57.6 percent, to $5.4 million, compared with $12.8 million in the quarter a year ago.



  1. i was just thinking about how you should blog about that movie the truman show. Because its a movie about a movie. I've never seen it but I think its great material for your blog.

    But then I realized you should blog about blogging about blogging. So I found you this list of the best blogs about blogging. Apparently in my bored free time I also think about meta-isms.

  2. Also, the entire media industry is super self-referential in general. Slate has news articles about news all the time. Not to mention Columbia Journalism Review...But I don't find this to be very amusing. ok back to Regulatory state.